Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Rough Collier

Several years ago, I read a really bad mystery.   The title was a clear attempt to cash in on a then-bestseller, the plot was ridiculous, the main character had too many "colorful" attributes (grad student AND bike messenger AND nude model for art classes AND lost her virginity to her professor-mother's colleague in a book-lined study - and all this by page 10), and the writing style was inappropriately flowery.  It was awful, but it was fun to read.

The Rough Collier is a better-written book, but less memorable and less fun.  Peat diggers find a preserved body, assume it's a recently disappeared local man, and a courtier visiting his mother deduces that it's not.  So what happened to the missing man?  It turns out he was murdered, but I never got interested enough in the characters to care how or by whom.   The Rough Collier isn't a bad book, but it's mediocre and dull.  I'm not going to look for any other books in the series, and I'm donating it to the Book Corner.

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